Monday, 10 February 2014

Poll : Sexiest Woman of the 2014 OIympic Curling Tournament in Sochi

The 2014 women's Olympic curling tournament gets underway today in Sochi.  The all-Scottish Great Britain team led by Eve Muirhead are the favourites for the gold medal - but who will be crowned as the sexiest woman of the competition, succeeding the 2010 winner Natalie Nicholson? I suspect the contenders may include Eve Muirhead herself, the Russian skip Anna Sidorova, and the Swiss player Carmen Schäfer, who famously posed nude for a photo-shoot a few years ago.

The voting form can be found at the top of the sidebar.  Multi-voting is enabled, so you can vote for as many (or as few) women as you like. You have 50 women to choose from (including alternates), and here is the full list -

Maria Prytz (Sweden)
Christina Bertrup (Sweden)
Maria Wennerström (Sweden)
Margaretha Sigfridsson (Sweden)
Agnes Knochenhauer (Sweden)
Erika Brown (USA)
Debbie McCormick (USA)
Jessica Schultz (USA)
Ann Swisshelm (USA)
Allison Pottinger (USA)
Mirjam Ott (Switzerland)
Carmen Schäfer (Switzerland)
Carmen Küng (Switzerland)
Janine Greiner (Switzerland)
Alina Pätz (Switzerland)
Kim Ji-sun (South Korea)
Lee Seul-bee (South Korea)
Shin Mi-sung (South Korea)
Gim Un-chi (South Korea)
Lee Hyun-jung (South Korea)
Jennifer Jones (Canada)
Kaitlyn Lawes (Canada)
Jill Officer (Canada)
Dawn McEwen (Canada)
Kirsten Wall (Canada)
Anna Sidorova (Russia)
Margarita Fomina (Russia)
Alexandra Saitova (Russia)
Ekaterina Galkina (Russia)
Nkeiruka Ezekh (Russia)
Ayumi Ogasawara (Japan)
Yumie Funayama (Japan)
Kaho Onodera (Japan)
Chinami Yoshida (Japan)
Michiko Tomabechi (Japan)
Eve Muirhead (Great Britain)
Anna Sloan (Great Britain)
Vicki Adams (Great Britain)
Claire Hamilton (Great Britain)
Lauren Gray (Great Britain)
Lene Nielsen (Denmark)
Helle Simonsen (Denmark)
Jeanne Ellegaard (Denmark)
Maria Poulsen (Denmark)
Mette de Neergaard (Denmark)
Wang Bingyu (China)
Liu Yin (China)
Yue Qingshuang (China)
Zhou Yan (China)
Jiang Yilun (China)

Be sure to vote wisely!

Friday, 18 May 2012

Poll : Sexiest Woman of Eurovision 2012

Well, we didn't actually get round to it last year, but it's high time to revive the annual tradition of the sexiest woman of Eurovision poll! The previous winners are Paula Seling (Romania) in 2010, Hadise (Turkey) in 2009 and Kalomira (Greece) in 2008. Who is your favourite of 2012? The voting form is in the sidebar, and you can vote for as many women as you like.

Here is the full list of contenders -

Greta Salóme (Iceland)
Eleftheria Eleftheriou (Greece)
Anmary (Latvia)
Rona Nishliu (Albania)
Elena Ionescu (Romania)
Iris (Belgium)
Pernilla Karlsson (Finland)
Shiri Hadar (Israel)
Valentina Monetta (San Marino)
Ivi Adamou (Cyprus)
Soluna Samay (Denmark)
Granya Baysarova (Russia)
Alevtina Begisheva (Russia)
Zoya Dorodova (Russia)
Galina Koneva (Russia)
Natalya Pugachyova (Russia)
Valentina Pyatchenko (Russia)
Yekaterina Shklyaeva (Russia)
Kaliopi (Macedonia)
Joan Franka (Netherlands)
Filipa Sousa (Portugal)
Gaitana (Ukraine)
Sofi Marinova (Bulgaria)
Eva Boto (Slovenia)
Nina Badrić (Croatia)
Loreen (Sweden)
Maya Sar (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Anggun (France)
Nina Zilli (Italy)
Sabina Babayeva (Azerbaijan)
Pastora Soler (Spain)

NOTE : In spite of my best efforts, I couldn't work out which of the seven Russian grannies is being left out, so I included all of them to be on the safe side!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Poll : Sexiest Woman of 2011 World Curling Championships

Roll up, roll up, and welcome along to the third running of Euro Women's legendary (kind of) annual poll to find the sexiest competitor of the world women's curling championships!  In a way, it's the fourth, because there was a special poll for the Olympic tournament last winter.  Our previous winners are Jennifer Jones of Canada (2009), Eve Muirhead of Scotland (2010) and Natalie Nicholson of the USA (2010 Olympics).  Of the three, only Muirhead is in the field for the 2011 worlds, and thus eligible for this poll.  Also likely to be in contention this time round are Danish skip Lene Nielsen, the Swedish trio of Cecilia Östlund, Sara Carlsson and Liselotta Lennartsson, Russian third Anna Sidorova, and the Norwegian skip Linn Githmark, who was once photographed nude for Ana Arce's famous series of curling calendars. Here is the full list to choose from -

Lene Nielsen (Denmark)
Helle Simonsen (Denmark)
Jeanne Ellegaard (Denmark)
Maria Poulsen (Denmark)
Mette de Neergaard (Denmark)
Amber Holland (Canada)
Kim Schneider (Canada)
Tammy Schneider (Canada)
Heather Kalenchuk (Canada)
Jolene Campbell (Canada)
Andrea Schöpp (Germany)
Imogen Lehmann (Germany)
Corinna Scholz (Germany)
Monika Wagner (Germany)
Stella Heiß (Germany)
Wang Bingyu (China)
Liu Yin (China)
Yue Qingshuang (China)
Zhou Yan (China)
Yu Xinna (China)
Kim Ji-Sun (South Korea)
Lee Seul-Bee (South Korea)
Shin Mi-Sung (South Korea)
Gim Un Chi (South Korea)
Lee Hyun-Jung (South Korea)
Anna Kubeśkova (Czech Republic)
Tereza Pliśkova (Czech Republic)
Luisa Illková (Czech Republic)
Eliśka Jalovcova (Czech Republic)
Veronika Herdová (Czech Republic)
Anna Sloan (Scotland)
Claire Hamilton (Scotland)
Vicki Adams (Scotland)
Rhiann MacLeod (Scotland)
Eve Muirhead (Scotland)
Liudmila Privivkova (Russia)
Anna Sidorova (Russia)
Margarita Fomina (Russia)
Ekaterina Galkina (Russia)
Nkeiruka Ezekh (Russia)
Linn Githmark (Norway)
Henriette Løvar (Norway)
Ingrid Stensrud (Norway)
Kristin Moen Skaslien (Norway)
Marianne Rørvik (Norway)
Mirjam Ott (Switzerland)
Carmen Schäfer (Switzerland)
Carmen Küng (Switzerland)
Janine Greiner (Switzerland)
Nicole Dünki (Switzerland)
Patti Lank (USA)
Caitlin Maroldo (USA)
Jessica Schultz (USA)
Mackenzie Lank (USA)
Debbie McCormick (USA)
Anette Norberg (Sweden)
Cecilia Östlund (Sweden)
Sara Carlsson (Sweden)
Liselotta Lennartsson (Sweden)
Karin Rudström (Sweden)

How to vote : go to the right side-bar! As ever, it's possible to vote for more than one woman at a time (and, indeed, it's highly encouraged). Choose wisely!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Laura Moore voted sexiest woman of The Apprentice (UK) 2010

Perhaps it will be small comfort the day after being knocked out of the competition, but Laura Moore is the runaway winner of our poll to find the sexiest woman of this year's UK series of The Apprentice.  Sandeesh Samra was the runner-up, while Stella English - still in the competition and one of the favourites to win - finished third.  Here are the full results...

1 Laura Moore 29%
2 Sandeesh Samra 17%
3 Stella English 16%
4 Paloma Vivanco 14%
5 Liz Locke 13%
6 Joanna Riley 10%

Kara Tointon voted sexiest woman of Strictly Come Dancing 2010

In an incredibly tight finish, Kara Tointon has pipped last year's winner Ola Jordan in our annual 'Sexiest of Strictly' poll.  Ola was perhaps somewhat hampered by her early departure from the series this time round!  Aliona Vilani and Katya Virshilas (both still in the competition) were in third and fourth place respectively, while Kristina Rihanoff demonstrated her enduring popularity by finishing fifth in spite of an early departure from the show.  Here are the final results...

1 Kara Tointon 22%
2 Ola Jordan 21%
3 Aliona Vilani 13%
4 Katya Virshilas 12%
5 Kristina Rihanoff 11%
6 Tina O'Brien 7%
7 Flavia Cacace 6%
8 Natalie Lowe 3%
9 Pamela Stephenson 2%
10 Felicity Kendal 1%
= Patsy Kensit 1%

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Poll : Sexiest Woman of The Apprentice (UK) 2010

In the last series, two beautiful women - Yasmina Siadatan and Kate Walsh (pictured) - fought it out for The Apprentice crown.  Will history repeat itself this year?  Just in case it doesn't, you can always vote for your favourite in our poll!  Here is the full list of contenders -

Joy Stefanicki
Laura Moore
Sandeesh Samra
Stella English
Paloma Vivanco
Melissa Cohen
Liz Locke
Joanna Riley

Scroll down the page to find the poll.  Multiple voting is permitted; the vote closes on December 1st.

Poll : Sexiest Woman of Strictly Come Dancing 2010

With veteran magician Paul Daniels as her celebrity partner this year, the chances of Ola Jordan successfully defending her Strictly title seem not a lot - but you'll like her. Perhaps so much so that she'll be able to defend her Euro Women 'Sexiest of Strictly' title instead? Kara Tointon and Tina O'Brien will surely be giving her a run for her money, though. Here are the full list of contenders -

Kara Tointon
Erin Boag
Ann Widdecombe
Aliona Vilani
Felicity Kendal
Flavia Cacace
Tina O'Brien
Natalie Lowe
Michelle Williams
Ola Jordan
Patsy Kensit
Kristina Rihanoff
Pamela Stephenson
Katya Virshilas

Scroll down the page to find the poll. You can vote for as many of the women as you wish; the vote closes on December 1st.